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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Listening, remembering and loving.

Recently, I've tried to take up this maxim to listen, remember and love. Quite simply because those are three things I'm not too good at, but I need to be; my failures in each of these have been showing up in my relationships with both family and friends.

Listening well is something that I already did a post on in Mozart's blog; the link is here.

My main problem with listening, admittedly, is remembering; my Mum often tells me that she can tell me something one minute, then ask me just a few minutes later and I'm like 'What?' OK, it's not quite that bad. But the number of times I've forgotten things that have been said to me - whether it be just the gist of it or the details - is a very long list. As well as that, I can just be a very forgetful person. I now have a running tally of how many times I've locked my keys in the car that I've put right in front of me when I'm driving so I don't forget. It's at 10. And remembering is so important in showing someone that what they said matters - if you can remember what they said a long time after they said it, that can mean a lot. Even just remembering a name is a good start, which I'm very bad at too - though I always remember a face.

Loving isn't something, admittedly, that I do too much of. I can be a lot more of an intellectual than a social person; I like being by myself, and find it difficult being with a lot of other people. If there are people I don't know, it's much more difficult. Heck, it was so bad in high school that a lot of the girls pretty much thought that I really didn't like hugs; a couple of them then tried to do so sneakily at different points. (If you want proof - here.) Needless to say, the latter spurred the former somewhat. (And, as an aside, I currently have no aversion to hugs at all.) I can probably elaborate on that slightly in another post. I know, I've said that a few times. How about I make that next Thursday then - I usually leave Monday open, because I often do it on the sermon or communion talk from that Sunday, or following on from it.
But just with people that are my family, my friends - always keeping their best interests in mind, over and above my own. It's a difficult goal, but one I strive for.

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