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Thursday, 16 June 2011


I have - as of today - completed all required work for this semester for uni, and (to the best of my knowledge) won't be going back to uni again until next semester, a gap of about 6 weeks. I go back on the 1st of August.

It's a slightly bittersweet feeling. I mean, it feels good to have finished all the work and stuff, and know that there's no more of that for awhile. But this also means that, chances are, I won't be seeing my friends for another 6 weeks. We'll probably talk about get-togethers and end up not doing anything. Or other people will but I won't. I hope something will happen, though, cause 6 weeks is a while. Which I'd like to be broken up slightly.

Also, strangely enough, I actually like uni. Really like it. It's just a place where I'm really thriving, I guess, I'm really getting a lot out of it. I enjoy most of what we learn - I'm not going to say I enjoy all of it, cause I don't - but I do find it all pretty interesting, even when I don't find it that enjoyable. And I'm getting heaps of opportunities to create and try new things, which I'm really enjoying. Just today I was having a go at African music, which I've never composed with before, and pretty much only heard in movies or TV. That was fun :D But yeah, I'm really loving uni.

Would it be the same if it were a different course, a different uni, or different people? Different course, possibly - though I've been doing a psychology elective and I'm really enjoying that. Different uni - maybe. I was always attracted to UWS, though, because it was a little smaller, and less theory-based. (Though whether others will agree with me there, I don't know. :P) And the atmosphere as well, I guess. So maybe a different uni I wouldn't like as much. Different people - if it had been different people to start off with, then I would've made friends with them just like I have with these guys. But if you took me away from this bunch of guys now and put me with a different group, yeah, I'd really miss them.

I've made some really good friends there, and it's sad for me to think that in about 1 1/2 years I probably won't see most of them again much, if at all. Partly just cause I'm really bad at that. And I know that cause I've been out of school for about that same time now, and the amount of school people that I've seen since then - that wasn't just by accident or something - I could pretty much count on the fingers of one hand. Hoping that won't happen with these guys though, cause there's some pretty great guys that I know there at uni. (Not just saying that cause there's a couple of them reading my blog, either.) Not that the school guys are any less great, cause they're pretty cool too. (Similarly.) And yeah, think that's about it. Until Saturday, then.

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