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Monday, 27 June 2011


The internet went kaput at my house yesterday; hence why I am writing the post today, and from a PC in my local library. Also, it'll be a short one, because Mum's expecting me back soon.

The sermon on Sunday was a good sermon. Talking about spiritual excercise, and getting to know God more intimately. Definitely a good thing. But - being me - I couldn't stop myself from comparing the preacher's opinions to my own ideas on the matter, and I thought that he had perhaps said a couple of points in the wrong way. I had thought that I might send him an email, telling him of exactly where he went off. (Haha. Sounds pretty bad, actually, in retrospect.)

However, I got a little thought from the big guy: just leave it. God's word has been preached today, and his message has been heard. People make mistakes, God uses them. So I did. God has a fair bit of experience with working with our mistakes, after all...

But I suppose the idea is that we don't always need to correct people. Sometimes it's OK for them to make mistakes, and we just need to let them be a little freer. That's a good thing.

If I have internet up by tomorrow, I'll do another post on another idea I've had for the EP.

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