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Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Seeds of Change

Recently, I've been trying to get stuff together for something akin to an EP launch. At the moment, whether that will only be electronic or if I'll have actual CDs is an unknown, but we'll see.

I'm planning to call it the "Seeds of Change EP", after a song that I've just written today, actually. Basically, the idea is pretty simple; actually living up to the words you say and the promises you make, and not being content to just sit around. It's not an easy task. And I'm hoping to somehow incorporate that into the EP - perhaps all the money will go to a charity (or various charities, depending on how much I spread this around), or maybe I'll think of something else. That seems a bit unoriginal, so maybe something else as well as that.

The difficulty, though, lies in living up to this standard that I suppose I've set myself - after all, if I'm challenging other people to rise up to it, then I need to do so as well. And it's not easy. But I suppose not very many things that are really worthwhile are.

Hopefully, more on this EP launch will be coming up soon. Ish.

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