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Thursday, 23 June 2011


I don't use my phone much, at all. I barely give my number to anyone, and I don't have many numbers. I don't get many calls, and I don't make many. Most of the communication that I do is via email or Facebook. And I check that pretty regularly; because my thoughts are, if someone sends you a message, it's polite to respond as soon as you can, to get back to them quickly. And so I'll probably check my email several times a day.

Most people, however, seem to not respond to anything except a text message. Which can be annoying, particularly when there's more you want to say than you can fit in a text. Yes, I suppose ringing them seems to be the logical conclusion here. I suppose I just prefer an email because then you have a bit more time to think about your response.

You would hope, however, that people would check their emails every now and then. (As an aside, this is not directed at anyone in particular, and certainly not - to the best of my knowledge - at any of the readers of this blog.) Annoyingly, however, it seems as though the mobile phone still reigns supreme for many. Maybe that's just my generation. Thoughts?

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