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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Blank Pages/ Your Turn.

Feel like I've written a fair bit about what I think of myself. Thought I'd see what other people think. Write whatever you like, good or bad, won't hold it against you.


  1. Brendan…an intelligent and talented (and relatively young) musician/student, with a refreshingly rounded view of Christianity. Says little unless it matters, has a good sense of humour (and a bit of wit), very creative and seems to have a bit of a moral backbone. A little bit eccentric (he plays the air piano as though no one is watching), but generally sensible and quiet, and respectful, and rather humble and modest. A "good kid," if you will.

  2. Wow, thanks :) Certainly wouldn't have been quite as nice as you've been, but I guess most of the stuff that's not so good is a lot harder to see from the outside then from where I stand. But yeah, thanks heaps, that's really great to know. :)


Please, tell me what you think. I'm not psychic, and I want to know :)