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Sunday, 24 July 2011

A Free Pass.

I have said a few times that I'm a pretty closed book. I hold most of my cards pretty close to my chest, so to speak. As such, it can be pretty difficult for most to really know me at all. I mean, yeah, there's some things you can probably know almost straight off the bat, depending on where you know me from. If you know me from my course, you know that I play at least one instrument; if you know me from church, you know that I'm either a Christian, or my family or a very good friend is; if you know me from school - well, if it was Bradbury or Macarthur, since they were both selective, you know that I had some decent level of smartness, if Rosemeadow - I guess you didn't really know anything off the bat. And it wouldn't take you too long to figure out, wherever you know me from, that I'm fairly smart - logically minded, that sort of thing - I'm pretty quiet; and probably that I do a bit of music.

Too much more than that, though, and anything about me you probably know either by guessing or by me telling you. As such, I thought I should post this. This will effectively be a free pass through the guessing game, pretty much.

Basically, if you want to get me to actually talk about something, asking about any of these will get me talking a fair bit - though you'll still need to figure out what questions work best :D but I'm sure you can manage that... Anyways, any of these will work well: my music; most things in philosophy/theology/psychology; my trip to Thailand; and most of the things that I've posted up here, really. Oh, and asking me about my love life is a sure way to get me to clamp up quickly. :P

Probably not many will see this, I don't exactly get a huge boatload of people coming through my blog. That's cool, though. Never really wanted any attention - as I've mentioned a couple of times as well :p

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