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Thursday, 28 July 2011

The love of laughter.

Had a gig last night at Mars Hill cafe, which you may or may not have heard about. As an aside, really cool place. Heck, any place that has pi written out to who knows how many decimal places on the toilet wall has to be pretty cool. Given that it also has the motto, "Where thinkers drink", and you may see why I find it pretty cool. But it also has a really great, warm atmosphere that I really love. Anyway, end of Mars Hill cafe plug.

I was on - as I often am - next to last. Thankfully, this time, I wasn't playing to only half a dozen people. In fact, pretty much only the ones with little kids had left, which was really great to see. And, as I mentioned in the post that I put up on FB, I had a really good reception, a good few people telling me they really liked it, and a lot of people laughing at the songs.

Though one thing I really found great - one of the other performers who played had actually gone into a bit of an emotional thing partway through the performance. A friend of hers had only committed suicide a week or so beforehand, and the last she did was a tribute to her; she struggled to sing even half of the words because she was crying. She went out for a while then came back in. But what was really great - just so you're not thinking that I'm sadistic or something, getting high over this girl crying - is that, after how emotional she was before, I managed to get her to laugh with my song.

And that's why I love doing comedy - it really has that power to cut through so many different barriers and just let people smile and laugh, even if only for a while. That's why I do what I do.

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