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Sunday, 31 July 2011


The Christian group at UWS, the uni I go to, has this theme happening for this semester called More. Nice and simple, monosyllabic for those who have difficulty with the longer words. The basic premise of it all is that, as humans, we always want more. And God can give us more.

That may seem a strange idea to some, as religion is often seen as less rather than more (lot's of "Don'ts"), but I have combatted that particular argument before, I believe. But God can give us more - more than anything, or anyone else can give. That doesn't mean that he always will - he's not a magic wish fairy, there to satisfy your every desires. He knows when you need to be staying off stuff a bit. But he has that ability to give us more out of life than we can by ourselves, which is a great thing.

For those of you guys reading this who are at UWS with me, there will be a human Pacman game in K foyer on this Wednesday from about 1 (cause Pacman works well with More, wacca wacca wacca!) and a BBQ outside building H (same time) on Thursday (cause everyone loves some food). Would be great to see a few familiar faces there :)

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