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Tuesday, 9 August 2011


"There seems to be a lot of people who do [Action XYZ].

I don't really like [Action XYZ], I like [Action QPR].

You should like [Action QPR] too."

Hopefully, I'm not quite like that. It does sometimes seem that all I do here is point out things that I think could be better, and suggest my own alternative (which, is, of course, much better *sarcasm dripping*). Hopefully I'm not just going vent vent vent about my own issues and stuff either. What I do hope is that this blog is actually contributing somehow to people out there. (With my vast number of readers, of course. *more dripping* [In fact, I don't even know if I should have 'readers' as a plural any more.]) I think it is, which is good. And I think that the people/person (:P) who do/es read this should be able to sort through all the junk pretty easily anyway, so no real problems, I guess. So, of course, no point that I should be posting this anyway. But think I should. I dunno.


  1. Hahaha. Oh dear…well, your "reader" approves. Assuming it's me. If it isn't, then it's "readers" :D. Let's get some traffic going here! You're at 900 views…so keep going! Vent all you like, I still enjoy it. Everyone needs a forum to be able to complain, particularly as there are so many issues which could be improved upon!

  2. Haha. Yes, Mr Mozart, you do seem to be the person that checks in most often. I think Jessie might occasionally have a look too, but not too many more apart from that. Though it seems as though my view count says otherwise - over 900 views, and I believe about 70 posts. So either I'm getting a lot of repeat views, or there's actually some other people out there. Should probably check the actual rate it goes up, though, just to see if that was more earlier on.
    And yes, there are a lot of issues that can be improved upon. However, agreeing which ones they are, and how they should be improved, is damn difficult.

    And for any other people out there that somehow got it over 900 views, thank you! If you like what you see, follow the blog - and please, please, comment! I'd love to hear more than just a couple of different views on any of the things I plonk up here.
    OK, shameless plug over. :p

  3. I've got nearly 9000 views and most of that is NOT from my followers. I checked where everyone's viewing from, and I suppose because of the variety of my posts, I get people from all around the world reading different posts. Hanis has something like 100 followers, and nowhere near as many views per week as I get. So really the main audience are people who just blow in from Google. :D

  4. Ahh, don't be discouraged! You do indeed have a plural readership :) Though unfortunately Mr. Attali is currently competing viciously with my blog-reading leisure time :P I wish I managed to blog as regularly as you and Mozart...kudos for the dedication and keep it up! :)


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