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Friday, 19 August 2011

F for Failure.

Failure is something that I'm quite familiar with. I do it a lot, and often in the same spots. I think that's true of people in general, though - they'll excel in some areas, and do poorly in others, sometimes no matter how hard they push at it. Failure's a part of this life, this world.

One day, of course, I'll be going to a place where all that's gone; but until then, I've got to try my best to not let my failures rule me, which can be difficult at times. It's an easy thing to dwell on. And usually I'm fairly laid back about how well or not well I do in things; it's just a few things that I beat myself up a bit over, which isn't really too good. Can be difficult not to, often, though...

Tomorrow I'm thinking G for Girls. Topic I very rarely touch on, so we'll see how I go...

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