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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Bup, ba da bup, ba da...

Well, now that I've finished the A to Z blog post series, I will shortly be onto my next series (kindly suggested to me by Jessie, who runs the "Never Mind The Arias" blog that I've got on my links page, if you want to check it out) which will be an A to Z of books/music/movies kind of thing. I guess a mix between reviews, opinions, and analysis. Probably not much of the latter.

So I'll probably start that in the next day or two, unless someone else suggests something else to me so undeniably epic that I just have to do it first. :D

Anyway, thought I'd actually post something here, and not just do an update.

I've found that I seem to ask for a lot from God. Which, in one way, makes sense; I mean, he can give you a lot, so he's really the only one you can ask a lot from. But on the other hand, he's already given so much. And who am I to know what I really need?

It can get a bit confusing sometimes. Attempting to figure out exactly what he's going to do....usually it doesn't work. He tends to only tell you when he wants to.

I guess the hardest thing is handing over the biggest things to God. What you really long for, what you feel you really need and can't do without (not so much talking about the material here, really) - just putting that to God and leaving it in his hands. As hard and difficult as that is, the reality is that he knows best. And he knows best for you. Sometimes that will be what you're thinking of, sometimes it won't. That's faith, I guess. Trusting that He'll make it work out for the best whatever happens.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm really writing this more for my benefit than anyone else's. :P

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  1. Looking forward to the next A-Z series! :D And thanks for the plug, haha :P


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