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Thursday, 1 September 2011

S for Special.

Everybody knows that saying, accompanied by the cutesy voice, "Everybody's special in their own special way!" :P

Then, if you're familiar with The Incredibles (Disney ftw :D) you'll also be familiar with the phrase, "Then if everybody's will be. *evil laugh* "

They seem slightly contradictory. One says that everyone is special, one says that if that happens then that special becomes the normal. Well, in a way, they're both right. Everyone is special; but each in different ways. Each person has unique talents/skills/abilities etc. So that doesn't mean that just because everyone is special, no-one is; because not everyone is special in the same way.

Which is a good thing. I mean, there are some things we all have, which are great to have; but it's great that we have diversity as well. That's what makes us human. Too little diversity, and we have the nearly 7 billion Joe Bloggs problem. Too much diversity, and we cease to be able to communicate nearly as effectively with each other. We're about right. But heck, who am I to say what's right? :P

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