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Saturday, 3 September 2011

U for Understanding.

It's something that's pretty rare in this world. Some might argue that true understanding is never found. Knowledge is all the rage and in abundance. The more knowledge you have, the better. It's crammed into you from birth till death.

But understanding is difficult. Particularly when people are involved, which they often are. And even more so when we turn introspective and attempt to understand ourselves...

It's often said that those closest to us surprise us the most. Because we think we know them the best, so when they do something we don't expect, it's even more of a shock. It's so much more the case with ourselves. Every now and then, we do something that makes us realise how little we really know ourselves.

And it scares us.

Which is why God's grace is so much more the amazing, given that he knows us absolutely...


  1. I truly agree with the statement about the closest people, who surprise us the most. It's so important sometimes to feel a mystery in somebody, who is right here. And only the most valuable people are able to understand, by feeling the same.

  2. The most difficult thing in the world is self-acceptance.


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