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Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Yesterday, I did a performance of a song by a friend for the Performance unit of my course. It went pretty well from a performance perspective, but I thought I'd make a few quick remarks about the actual lyrics and such. Mainly, I suppose, because I didn't want people thinking that was me. Because those lyrics aren't.

I probably shouldn't put the lyrics up here, since I don't have the guy's permission, so I won't. If you're at uni with me, you'll probably hear the final version anyway. In short, however, it's essentially saying this: I don't care what you say, what you think, this is me. Get used to it. (The line that he actually said was probably the most core and essential to it was "F@#* you all". And yes, I sang that. I'll probably do a post about swearing as well, soon. Pumping these posts out like a machine. XD )

That's not me. That's so not me, in fact, that it's not funny. Why? Well, because we're different people, obviously. I suppose I'd say that I don't think along those lines because I know that I'm imperfect; and as such, people will see mistakes in me, and I need to be willing to change and become a better person. Doesn't mean the other guy's not; that's something you'd need to ask them.

But I guess "I don't care" really isn't one of those phrases that I use a lot. And when I do, more than half the time I don't mean it. Because it's very rarely true. I do care. I'm a very empathetic person; almost any situation, any person, I can relate somehow. That's probably also partly due to a very good imagination. That doesn't mean I've gone through what everyone's gone through, or I can always completely feel the depth of what they're feeling; but I can get where they're coming from, and I can relate to that.

That might seem strange to some that know me, who probably wouldn't see me as a very feely sort of person. But I guess it's not really something I show very much; but then again, I don't really show anything much. :P There's a heck of a lot more to me than most would know, and more to me than anyone could probably ever find out. Certainly a lot more to me than I know...

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