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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Kill Me Now

This one will perhaps sound slightly familiar if any of the Bradbury guys find this blog...somehow, I doubt it, but you never know. Mainly musical similarities, thankfully, though there are differences as well. It's a bit of a rocky one, maybe even a bit punk. I'm not too good with knowing the genres.

Kill Me Now

V1: / Bm / G A /
It's eating me, inside and out
And you know there's not a shadow of doubt
I need to escape this wretched place
You know there's only one way, so watch this space

Chorus: / Bm G / A /
Yeah, kill me now
Before it starts hurting
Well I'm gonna die
So please do something

It's bleeding me, bone dry
There's nothing I can do as my life flashes by
You know I don't have much time left
So please grant me this one last request



Chorus x3 or 4 (from 2nd/3rd time / Bm D / E / )

Tis it. Vid should be up shortly ish.


  1. God. Where's Brendan? What have you done to him!? =P Are you gonna spike your hair now? And wear safety pins?

  2. Haha. I should probably write a bit of an explanatory post about some of these. Put simply, they're not all me, more just some sort of cliched persona. If that makes sense.


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