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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Meet Me Here.

Haven't done a song in this yet at all relating to Christianity or anything, so thought I might do that, given with this one I reach half-way. This one's challenging the "warm and fuzzy" Jesus/God that some Christians seem to believe in. News flash for you guys: Jesus talked to real sinners, feasted with real prostitutes, healed real lepers.
This one's kinda starting off with a nice-sounding chord sequence, then getting more minor/clashing. That "prosody"/word painting stuff that those music dudes like.

Meet Me Here

V1: / A / D / E / D /
Meet me here
At the place where you are free
And love is all around, just spend some time with me
Let's talk, let's live, let's dance and be amazing
My light will be blazing
Through you

V2:  / A2 / D6 / Em / D6 /
And meet me here
At the place where I see you
And all that you are, the good and the bad too
The great, the poor, the best and the worst
I knew you first
All of you

V3: / Am / D / Em / D /
And meet me here
At the place where you are hurt
Where it's hard, amid the blood, tears and dirt
You give, you help, you try but you can't
You just can't
Because you're you

V4: / Am (add 2,4) / Dm (add 2/4) / Em (add 4th)
And meet me here
At the cross where I died
I was pierced in my hands, my feet, my side
Your sins, my pain, your guilt and my divinity
Complete purity
And love of you

Meet me here

That's it. Will hopefully figure out chords for this one and the previous tomorrow at some point.

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