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Monday, 31 October 2011

Not Today.

This one's based on something from a TV series called "FlashForward". You may well not have seen it - it kinda flopped out before too long. But basically, there was this club that the main dudes went into, where you had to play a sort of mini-Russian roulette to get in. There was only one bullet in the gun, but it was a dud (from memory). Inscribed on the side were the words: NOT TODAY. You're going to die one day, but not today. That's what this song's about.

Not Today

V1:   / Gm / Bb / F / C /
One day I'm gonna die
One day I'm gonna fall into the sea
One day I'm gonna fly
One day I'll know that you're coming back to me

One day I'm gonna fall and I know no-one's gonna catch me
No-one's gonna catch me

Chorus:   / Gm / Bb / F / Eb /
But not today because today there is no strife
Not today because today I'm gonna live my life
Not today because today I'm coming home
Not today because today I'm not alone

One day I know the story will end
No make believe, no fairytale, no pretend

Instrumental  / Gm / Dm / F / C /


Tis all. It's quite possible that I've violated Rule #3 by now. I haven't really been keeping track of it, to be honest. :P Oh well.

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