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Saturday, 15 October 2011


Doing this for tomorrow, so I don't swamp the blog with posts...what can I say, I'm in a posting mood.

This is one I've been sitting on and ruminating around for a while, ever since back in - year 9 I think - when I was on kitchen duty on a school camp, and they had heaps of desserts made. And there was leftovers, lots of leftovers. For those who've worked in a kitchen at all, you know what happens next. The bin. All of it.

And I suppose trying out for this job in a kitchen has really hammered this point a bit with me - so, so many plates come back unfinished, some less than half eaten. All of it has to go in the bin. That's a lot of food. That could've been eaten by somebody else. It's a waste, such a big waste. And I suppose it's kind of weird for me because I've always been brought up to basically finish whatever's on the plate. And I'd ask others, please, do the same. Don't let all this food go to waste.

Thankfully, there are some organisations that actually act on this, like this one:

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  1. So true!! I always ask for a 'doggy bag' if I can't finish a restaurant meal ...wasting food just never feels right :S


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