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Thursday, 13 October 2011


I know, finding Z but not finding Y, seems shoot me. Don't really.

Think of this as a spacey-type remake of Jumanji, because that's essentially what this is. Plus perhaps a little more kids oriented, but debatable. Thing is, Jumanji didn't really need a remake. I get that perhaps the developers were trying to make the idea more accessible to this generation, but really?

It's not a @#$% movie, but it certainly holds no candle to the first. You do very much get the feel that it's trying to be one of those "nice moral stories for the kids", and the actual storyline doesn't have a heck of a lot that's original. One interesting point is how they changed up the person coming in from the game a bit....but I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it. Though whether it's worth seeing it just for that... it does have fun moments to it, and it is fairly likeable, but it's definitely no masterpiece.

But then, I guess, it was never meant for a heavy analysis. Not that this really is one.
That's the conclusion of this A to Z, minus my Q and Y posts (which I'll be putting it later, hopefully). The next one will be starting up either tomorrow or Sunday. Possibly Sunday, because tomorrow is going to be a bit packed for me. I'll have a post up before then detailing a bit more about it.

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