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Saturday, 26 November 2011


Yeah. You might have noticed I've been lagging significantly with the rest of the 0 - 10. That's because I decided to kinda can it, and just stick with the 0 - 3 that I've got. I know, annoying. :P There's a lot of things I've meant to do that didn't really work out. Vlogging was another one. I also was trying to go for a run each morning, that didn't work out. Hopefully, though, can get that back up after I get back. (Going away from tomorrow morning until next Sunday arvo; will probably post about it when I get back.)

And I've seen a lot of other people's plans go down the hole as well. At church, I've seen three different youth-type things start and then kind of fizzle off...
The first one had some pretty big ideas happening. We repainted a whole room for us, were planning to go in the Sydney City2Surf (or one of those big running things), help out in the community, etc etc. Then the person that was kind of head of that group left.
So another group started up, which was even more epicness. We had a camp, an organised structure, and a second camp in the pipelines. The guy that organised that came down with some major health issues. Still being sorted out.
The third one never really left the formative stage, and only existed for a few weeks. Unless I've missed the 8-ball and they've been meeting without me. Possible, but unlikely. Not so much because I'm massively important and they'd never do it without me - more that one of them probably would have let me know.

So yeah. I've seen my fair share of things that have started and gone kaput. I think it can be a tendency of people to have big plans, and often, too many plans. Because there's nothing wrong with big plans; they're great. It's when you also want to do this, and that, and the other as well, that things tend to get a little difficult.

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