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Sunday, 6 November 2011

See It Through.

Yep, it is. About endurance, that is. Written in about 20 minutes before church. Will hopefully get some chords happening soon-ish. Also, a potential guitar version of Quickslow from a friend of mine at some point :D

See It Through
Tag: / F# Ab / C# /
He’ll give me the strength
To see it through
V1:  / C# / Fm / Ab //
Things don’t always just work out perfectly
Sometimes I need to put in some work
To make sure that it will be… OK
Sometimes I need a helping hand
I can’t always go it alone
Won’t always go as planned… each day
Chorus:  / C# / Fm / F# / Ab /
But God can help me strive
To always come out at the end
Yes, He’ll give me the strength
To see it through
Bridge:  / Ebm / Fm / F# //
It can seem sometimes like no-one’s there
That He is gone
But He’s not, He never is
Chorus x2

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