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Tuesday, 1 November 2011


People often seem to think that Money is the god of the world; what comes numero uno for so many people. I'd actually disagree.

Why do people own cars? They're more expensive than public transport; a heck of a lot more expensive. But they take less time. People prefer to sacrifice their money, rather than sacrificing their time. And if you think about it, we only get money because of time; time worked, invested, spent.

So perhaps, instead of focussing on managing our money, budgeting our cash - we should budget our time; be careful about how we spend it. And many do; for some, they are almost religious about how much they are meticulous about their time.

But I think we should have the same attitude to time as we should towards money - a loose hand. Don't be tight-fisted with the time you have; you've only got so much. Be generous.

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