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Friday, 18 November 2011

Two To Tango

Ideally, this one is sung by two different people for V1 + 2, joining in final chorus, bridge sung alternately. You get the idea.

Two To Tango

V1: / Am // F //
I know that there's more than this
But I don't know where to find it
Don't want it to be just hit and miss
Want it to be a choice, a battle of the mind, but it

Chorus: / G / Am / F //
Takes two to tango
I can't do this alone
I need an extra pair of hands
So I can't be overthrown
Yeah, it takes two to dance
To this strange melody
Make this harmony

Why can I not make this work?
It shouldn't be this hard
I tend to miss, in life, the perks
The things that I hold in most regard, but it


Bridge: / Am // F //
Maybe we could help each other
I'm sure we could work something out
With the help of one another
I have no doubt


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