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Friday, 11 November 2011

The Way It Goes.

This one really should've been for J, and called "Just The Way It Goes". But this will work too. Actually based loosely off my memory of an impromptu poem I did on a friend's livestream once. Though that one was about toes. This one has no toes in it, I'm afraid. Sorry to disappoint. The first verse is whatever, and then I'm basically going through the rhymes alphabetically. Off the top of my head.

The Way It Goes

/ F / C   C#dim / Dm / C /

Whether it hails or it snows
If it rains or it blows
If it both tos and fros
Through all the highs and the lows

That's just the way it goes

For both the eagles and the crows
The bucks and the does
It ebbs and it flows
The grass it still grows


If you're wearing pantyhose
When it's right in front of your nose
If you're always writing in prose
Trying to stick to those status quos


If you're always standing in rows
Prefer a sunflower to a rose
Like these better than those
Or like standing on your hands more than your toes

Final Chorus:
That's just the way it goes
The way it goes
The way it goes
Just the way it goes

OK, I lied. There were toes. :P Hopefully should be having some vids/chords happening soonish.

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