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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Matters of some importance.

I'm using this post for two different things, to kill the proverbial double avians with the singular geological formation.

Firstly, had a couple of things happen lately in regards to music. Someone's gotten in touch with me about writing some score for a short film; someone else has gotten in touch with me about doing some music together, with YouTubes in mind; and then there's the possibility that one of my projects for uni could have a bit of further application. Which is cool. Takes up more of my time without really adding to the bank balance, true, but hopefully they'll lead to other opportunities, which will lead to more, etc. Snowballing is the idea. But we'll see how that goes.

Also, going to do a little mini-series, similar to one I did towards the end of last year, again based on different people's responses to a question. The question, in this instance, is asking what idea or quality they consider to be most important to them. In that itself, of course, different people will interpret it differently - primarily in what they consider "important" to mean in this context. Some will take it to mean that which is most basic; that which is primary (that is, without it, other things do not work); that which is central; that which is concentrated upon, or given attention to - many different meanings can be taken.

I got a few more answers than last time. Because of the nature of the question, in this case, there's not so much a 'right' answer; I might agree with some more than others, but I can't really present my view as being more 'right'. As such, here are some of the answers I received: wisdom; individual independence; trust; quidditch (There's a troll! Troll, in the dungeon! :P); integrity; honesty; and happiness. (Trust and happiness were both suggested by the one person, but I'm separating them here for now.) I'm not planning to do a post on Quidditch, interesting as I'm sure that would be. Honesty, trust and integrity are quite linked together, so I might actually tackle them in the one post. The rest I'll do as well. So that'll make four posts, plus I'll do one at the end on my answer. If you saw my final answer from my last mini-series, you'll probably be able to guess the lines along which this one will be as well.

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