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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Your Centre.

Just finished watching the movie Rise Of The Guardians for the second time. An absolutely fantastic movie; and I find myself drawing a lot of parallels between me and Jack Frost, the protagonist. But that's a post for another time, perhaps.

In one of the scenes of the movie, North (Santa) is asking Jack what his "centre" is. The way he explains the idea to Jack is through one of those Russian dolls - little one inside a bigger inside a bigger inside a bigger, etc. On the outside, he seems a little intimidating. Get to know him a bit - next doll - he's jolly. Then mysterious; then fearless; then I forget; but at his centre, is a little baby with massive eyes. Because his centre is wonder. Seeing the wonder in everything.

And each of the other Guardians had their centres as well - Bunny was hope, Tooth was memory, Sandy is dreams, and Jack turns out to be fun.

I think we can take a lot from this; we're each many different things (some more diverse and numerous than others), but we each have something at our centre. Something that drives us, which is most important above all.

And all of those things mentioned above - wonder, hope, memory, dreams, fun - each of those are so important to me.
The wonder of this world; of the people of this world - is everywhere. It's amazing, if you just look.
Hope is something that will always keep me going. Even if I don't have much actual hope that something will happen - as in, I don't expect something to actually come to fruition - I'll still always hope.
Memory is a bit of a trickier one. Sometimes it's amazing, sometimes it tends to bite you in the backside. But I'd much prefer having them than not.
Dreams I've actually just posted on, funnily enough. But dreams always help to push me forward a little, lift me a little.
And fun - well, I just get lost in it sometimes :D That's how it's really supposed to happen, if anything can "supposed to be" a particular way with fun.

But my centre, I think, is something else. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you can probably guess.


Love is my centre. It's what drives me. What tears me apart, sometimes. it's what I cherish; what I try to give, wherever I can; and really what I long for. Always longing for a little love. And every little bit - every one - is amazing. You have no idea how much love effects me; how much the love of other people can just run through me. The tiniest thing can have the biggest impact. It's an old line, but it's true.

I know what my centre is. What's yours?

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