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Sunday, 14 July 2013

True Colours.

There is meaning in everything. And because of that, I think it can be helpful sometimes to go back to simpler things, and look at the meaning in them; because they still have so much meaning, and such deep meaning, but it can be a bit less convoluted and complex. Ish. Sometimes.

Colours are a great example. We see them everywhere. We have so many names for them, that have become so long and obscure - like magenta, azuline and caesious. They pop up quite often in various puns, metaphors and similes. We can choose so much based on colour - clothes, food, furniture, cars, a house - for some, even people. (Though that's typically a little different. Unless it's hair colour.) So I thought it might be an idea to have a look at a few of these colours.

But which ones to choose? Well, black and white are the two extremes - probably good to put in. Then the primary colours; but which ones? RGB (red, green, blue), as according to light and TV/PC systems? Or red, yellow and blue, like we get taught at school, because that's what works with paints and crayons? Well, let's put in all four. So I'll be doing white, yellow, green, blue, red, and black. Maybe that order, maybe reverse. We'll see.

So I'm going to do one post on each of those colours. But then, there are a lot of other colours that do have meaning - old and grey; royal gold and purple; fruity orange; girly pink; sea turquoise. But I suppose for me, most other colours have meaning that is more shallow when compared to the ones that I'll be focussing on. For some people, certainly, that won't be the case - but in a more general sense, that seems to be how it is; so I am restricting myself to these six.

Stay tuned for the colourful posts to come.

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