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Saturday, 24 August 2013


You can have yellow fever; be yellow-bellied; read the yellow pages; and....that's about it.

Yellow is the sun; the sand, and often the heat - a yellow filter can often give the impression of a very hot day. It can also be light, and warmth; the colour of sunflowers and daffodils.

Common connotations with yellow are sun, light, bright, warmth, heat, sand, daffodil, cancer, fear/being scared, sickness, hope, electricity, lightning, lemon. A more pale yellow can often be seen as sickly, or off-putting.

Yellow seems to have a lot less going on than the other colours I've done. For me, yellow is the sunrise; a new day, and a new hope. It's a sunflower, and bright and cheerful. It's warm, but not too harsh or loud.

The song for this colour is "Yellow," by Coldplay.

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