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Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Extra Face.

I still haven't finished my Colours series. Just white left, and I'm hoping to do that either tonight or tomorrow. Out on program on the weekend. But this came up, and I wanted to do a post about it.

I went to an art exhibition today (to see the work of a good friend of mine, and largely thanks to another good friend of mine). I'm not much of an artist myself, though I love to try, and would love to be one. It's quite incredible what people can do with things like paint, paper, canvas, clay, wood, metal, glass, plastic, ink - it's pretty amazing, really.

But something I realised, as I was looking at the artwork, was the extra face in each piece. In each work, you could see a face - the face of the person who made it.
Not literally, of course (for the most part, anyway). But by looking at the pieces, you could see glimpses of who they were; their personalities, their hopes, their passions, their dreams.

And I think I've certainly been aware of that before, to some degree, in other creative forms; I'm a musician and writer myself, and am acutely aware of how much of myself I put into both the words I write and the sounds I make.

But I suppose I've never ventured much into the visual arts myself, and it was an interesting and eye-opening experience for me. Perhaps it's something I'll be able to look into a bit closer at some point.

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