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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Just Quickly.

Shared my testimony tonight at the PM service at my church. There was a couple of dozen people there. I was pretty nervous. Had practiced about half a dozen times just that day, but was still nervous.

But it went really, really well. I even went under time! (That's good, because I was afraid I'd go over time.) Our pastors were both really impressed/complimentary/that sort of thing, which was really nice. And I got some great feedback from a few other people as well, particularly my family. (Of course, but it was still good. They meant it.)

Like I said before (I don't know if I did here or not), I'll be putting up the text, audio and video from the talk. Going to try and get that done tomorrow.

But yeah. Didn't want to do a lengthy one, just a quick post about that. Cool!

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