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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Why I'm Not A 'Guy'-ey Guy.

Just in case you weren't aware, I'm not your typical guy. WOW! My goodness!

OK, now that you've gotten over that shock right there.

Most people know that I'm not by any means a macho sort of guy. Or even a really manly guy. But honestly, I wouldn't even consider myself a 'guy'-ey guy. I wouldn't call myself a girly guy, now, but I'm very much not like what I would call a guy.

Most guys very much like most, if not all, of these things. And by very much like, I mean almost swear by.

Fast cars.
Sport (especially football).
Bulking up/gym/having big muscles.

Now, true, you do get guys that aren't particularly into these things. This age has very much seen the rise of the geek/nerd as a commonplace and more accepted person in society. However, I doubt that they would be as against these things as I am.

Beer - I associate the smell of beer with vomit. Yeah. I have never had beer, and I don't ever want to have beer. Not even going near the stuff.
Fast cars - I hate cars in general. Fast cars? They scare me! And not in a good way, OK?!
Sport (especially football) - I have no interest in watching sport, at all. It's slightly worse than watching paint dry, because then you can at least do something else and not be distracted by people yelling at the wall of paint for some reason. As for playing it - there are about two sports I like doing at some level. Pretty much the rest of them, I'll enjoy playing them with friends, but that's because I'm playing with friends. Not because I enjoy the sport.
Bulking up/gym/having big muscles - Err, no thanks. I like being skinny, and flexible, and fast. I do like running, but that's a little bit different. That's just to keep fit and healthy. And because I like it.
Meat - I'm almost a vegetarian. And if I went vegetarian, I wouldn't get those stupid meat substitutes, that are supposed to taste, or look, or smell like meat. Part of the reason I'm near vego is because I don't like the taste! I am somewhat fond of ham/bacon, though. And don't get me wrong, when meat is done well, and properly, it can be very nice. But most of the time, it's not. And veggies taste better. :P

I also don't like pubs, don't like paintballing (before my latest experience, that is), don't like shooters (games, that is), don't like guns, don't like really spicy things, often don't like hanging out in a big group, and don't like talking about just surface-level stuff. And have no interest in showing off my legs, arms or chest for the girls. Or the guys.

Call me weird. I already know it. ;)


  1. I hear you bro.. For the most part, I couldn't relate more! :) I'm certainly far from a girly guy, but nowhere near the stereotypical guy ey guy either!


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