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Sunday, 11 May 2014

New Family!

So, I've recently gotten back from my last Impart Intensive. Hopefully, you've already seen my last post about the Enneagram, which was definitely one of my favourite points of the week.

But the other big thing was about the different ways that I relate to God. And, him being Trinity, there's three different ways.
I am the son of the Father.
I am the brother of Jesus.
I am the bride of Christ.
And, yes, the Holy Spirit isn't there. But then, she (yes, she - it'll take too long to explain, but that was another thing we learned) is; she's in each one of those, fostering and growing those relationships, and my understanding of them.

Me as a son is an idea that God had already been teaching me recently; particularly through the Wild At Heart book, as well as some good friends. So that was more an expansion on what I already knew to be true, rather than something new.

Jesus as my brother, though, did hit me out of the blue. It's from a passage in Hebrews 2; “So now Jesus and the ones he makes holy have the same Father. That is why Jesus is not ashamed to call them his brothers and sisters.” And that was just after it was talking about how holy, and strong, and awesome, and exalted, and blessed Jesus is. And I'm his brother. He calls me that. That's something I'm still trying to understand a bit better.

Me as the bride of Christ, though more surprising as how he relates to me, wasn't so hard to get used to, honestly. Maybe that's because I don't really understand it quite yet; maybe it's because he'd been building me up to that (which I can kinda see, looking back). But that was something really special. It might be something I go into a bit more in a later post, because there's a lot to this one. But then again, I might not.

Because I'm actually attempting to write some of this out in a book. I'm not exactly sure how it will look when I'm done - hopefully I'll be able to finish this one, though I'm assuming it will at least take me most of this year - but it essentially expands on these three ideas (for guys in particular, sorry girls). How we have been created and called as the sons of the Father, the brothers of Jesus, and the bride of Christ, and how He connects to us in each of these ways intentionally. That's what I've got so far, anyway. Maybe you'll see some updates from me on it now and then :)

Actually, just came up with this line that I think puts it really nicely.

Created by the Father, Called by the Son, Connected through the Spirit.

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