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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Pledge #2 - Life Is Precious

To value and protect life of all kinds.

This is a fairly simple one, really. Life of all kinds means humans, animals, plants....probably fungi, and protozoa, and bacteria or something as well....Mainly animals and plants as well as people. And it's talking about two important things: valuing and protecting this life.

Valuing something is about seeing it as important. Too often these days, there is life in this world that is considered unimportant. Less important. Of secondary importance. Doesn't really matter. But I believe that all life matters. (Okay, someone's probably going to pull me up on the protozoa and bacteria. Oh well.) And matters a lot, you know.

To me, the second follows on naturally from the first. When you value something, you protect it. You hear a lot from various animal and environmental activists about whaling, and bees disappearing, and the reef getting in danger, and many other things. At the moment, I'm not actively involved in any of these sorts of groups. I'm not much of a protester, to be honest. But if something that I value is in danger, I do want to protect it.

Because all life is precious.

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