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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Pledge #8 - Facing Fear

To face and overcome my fears, so that I may in turn help others to overcome theirs.

This is something in particular that God has been challenging me with this year, on many different levels. On some base levels, with basic (though still very real) fears like fear of pain, or of heights, or of drowning, etc. But then also with more complex and involved fears, like fear of rejection, or of isolation, or even of boredom. (I've probably got a bit of 7 in me. Weird thought.)

But if I can’t do this - if I can't face these fears, face situations when these arise and overcome them - how can I help and encourage others to? I can't. And that's something that I want to be able to do for other people. Because fear and anxiety can prevent you from doing so much in your life, and can rule you. But God doesn't want us to be servants to fear. He wants us to be free from fear; he wants us to live courageously. And that's what I'm striving to be.

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