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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Day 10 - The First Time

And we've reached Day Ten! Today is an old songwriting classic: the love song. For this one, I'm going to say the opposite of yesterday - watch the video first! If you haven't seen the video yet, go and do that. Otherwise it'll spoil it. Spoil what? Well, let's just say I took a couple of liberties with it again. Lyrics below, video here:

The First Time

V1: / I // IV V / vi / IV / I / II / V /
I’ve heard so much about you
I just can’t wait to finally see
If you’re as good as people say
Will you be the one for me?
I’ve seen some great photos so far
And the videos you put up online
But will it be different in person -
Would you cross a line?

PC: / IV / V / vi / V /
I’ve got such high hopes and dreams
I hope you’ll be as great as you seem

C: / IV / V / I / vi / {/ IV / V / I / II /} x2 / I / vi / IV V / I /
When I see you for the first time
When I see what you are like
Will you be the best
Or only be alright?
Will it be the greatest day of my life
Or be lost in all the hype?
It’s so hard to be sure
About the new Star Wars

You’ve got six movies to live up to
Or for some, only three
And two more movies yet to come
There’s some pretty big hopes you see
You’ve got a new droid and saber
New heroes and villains too
New duels, new Sith and Jedi
There’s going to be so much to view

PC + C + I + C

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