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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Day 15 - Zhah (The One)

And we've reached the half-way point! Today, the challenge was to do something with a foreign language. I couldn't resist the opportunity to use my own ;) For those who aren't aware, I've been working on my own language called Aiyæthron for a bit over two years now. Thought this would be a good challenge. If you're wondering how many words I had to make for this song - not that many, actually. Only a few, and a few bits of words and word-changers. I'm not going to include the translation, so good luck figuring out what it means! I've given you the title, and I'll tell you that it's a Christian song, pretty much a worship song. But the rest - I'll leave that to you to wonder about.
Hmmm. I thought I'd put a more recent update to Aiyæthron up since then. Apparently not. Well, that will make it pretty much impossible for people to figure out, then. Oh well. Maybe I'll put an update up at some point. Anyway, lyrics below, video here:

Zhah (The One)

V: / vi / V / iii / IV / x3 / vi / V / IV / V /
Nai jun zhah
Nai gæ mai
Nai jun zhah
Awælisiyi mair
Nai gæ mai

C: / I / IV / vi / V / x3 / IV / V / I //
Dahn nai dt’ahthræ
Mai tuhn yæyu
Dahn nai dt’ahthræ
Mai tuhn zwæyu
Dahn nai dt’ahthræ
Mai tuhn nair
Dahn nai dt’ahthræ
Mai zhah


B: (x4) / IV / I / V / I / IV / I / V //
Yat ai dahn yæ bærnaiah
Jrinihl nair æi

C x2

/ I / IV / vi / V / IV //
Prinai, yat thron mai dt’ahthræ nor shuhng

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