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Monday, 28 December 2015

Day 19 - Do You Know?

And we're at Day Nineteen - this time, with a pickup. Also known as an anacrusis, it essentially means an extra bit before the first bar. In this one, it's really only a melodic anacrusis, because each time the melody "Do you" is before the bar, and then "know" is on the first beat of the bar. Quite enjoyed this one and the music for it, ended up being a Christian song. Hope you folks like it. Lyrics below, video here:

Do You Know?

V1: / vi / V / II / IV / vi / V / II / III / x2
Do you know how the flowers grow
Do you know what makes the sun rise
Over the valley below
Do you know how the wind it blows
Do you know what makes the earth turn
Or makes the rivers flow
Do you know

Do you know the one who died for you
Do you know he calls your name
Do you know he came into this earth
To bring you home again
Do you know he loves you just so much
He gave his only Son
Do you know his mercy and his grace
That has saved everyone
Do you know

Do you know how to find the truth
Do you know how to get through the pain
Of all that’s hurting you
Do you know how to break through
Through the lies and fear that are coming near
To change what you once knew
Do you know


B: / vi // V // IV // V // x2 / IV // V / III / vi //
He’s the one who really died
He’s the one who gave his life
For you
He’s the one lifted on high
He’s the one called Jesus Christ
It’s true
So call on the name
The name that is calling you

C x2

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