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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Day 22 - Hey Eve

And we're at Day Twenty Two! Today was about using a painfully obvious metaphor. And it is New Years' Eve.... you don't get many people called this these days, but perhaps Evelyn or Eva or Evie. Not much to this one, just a bit of fun. Hope you enjoy :) Lyrics below, video here:

Hey Eve

V1: / I / II / IV // x3 / I / II / IV / V /
Some people have certainly had
Unfortunate names
Yours would seem fine most of the time
But all the same
The night before something important
Suddenly it changes
And you have to wait out
All the jokes again

C: /  I // IV // I / V / IV / V / x3
And so people ask you
Do you want to come round
For Christmas, Eve?
They’ve said the same thing every year
But they still repeat it time after time
Do you want to come round
For New Year’s, Eve?
It gets old after a while
When that’s all you hear
Do you want to come round
For All Hallows', Eve?
You get tired of it pretty quick
But at least it’s only a couple of times a year

I + C

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