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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Day 4 - My Secrets

Day Four! Challenge this time was this: "Day 4: Write a song about secrets". Original name again. Had a bit of fun with it though! Each verse has a bit of a story to it, similar in style to my song Once Upon A Time. Ukelele this time :) It also happens to be one of my rare three-minute songs! Lyrics below, video here:

My Secrets

V1: / I / vi / V / IV /
Well, I had this pair of socks I didn't like
Flushed them down the toilet, thought that was goodbye
But it plugged up the drain, the plumber had to come round
My secret came out like stinky socks from the ground

I don't want to be a secret-keeper
They just dig me deeper and deeper

Another time I didn't like my brother cheating at a game
Hid it in my bookcase so he couldn't play it again
But that meant then that neither could I
I'd dug myself into a hole with my secret

I don't want to be a secret-keeper
They just dig me deeper and deeper
I don't want to be plagued by my fear
Hoping you'll never find out my secrets

I wrote a letter that one day I'd give
But until then that letter I hid
Hid it so well, I forgot all about it
Til my Mum brought it in - there goes my secret


B: / vi / IV / I / V /
Secrets always hurt us more than they help us
They keep us living in fear
That they might be discovered - set yourself free
You can share your secrets here

C x2

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