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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Day 6 - Just Me

Day Six! I was out all day yesterday, so took one of my flex days out from this. I am currently uploading Day Five's video, but Day Six's may be a little while in coming - because the challenge today is a cappella! And, me being me, I did a lot of layers. Which means lots of videos in the one video. Which is rather tricky to do. So that will take some time! But until then, lyrics below :) Well, more or less. This is the main lyric. I made other bits up on the fly. You'll see.

Just Me

It’s just me singing this song
But won’t be just me for very long
Cause when I sing this song
Everyone sings along
And now I won’t get it wrong

It’s no fun if it’s just me
But with company you see
I have fun yeah it’s true
Not just me but you too
‘Me' is better if it’s ‘we'

Now it’s time to have some fun
Come on, join in everyone
When we’re together
You know it’s so much better

We’ll keep going 'til we’re done

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