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Monday, 14 December 2015

Day 7 - The Unlikely Duet

Day Seven! I did do this yesterday, but forgot to post up the lyrics. I've also just put together the video, though I did do it yesterday - but the challenge was to do a duet! So I had to put a couple of them side-by-side. Had a bit of fun with it - doing two different voices and personalities singing together a bit. Lyrics below, video here:

The Unlikely Duet

/ I / IV / I / V / x2
I like to sing with a strong, loud voice
I like to sing just like this
I can sing with a soft, sweet noise
To you, this prob'ly sounds like piss

When I sing all of the people come round
While I just push them away
Come one, come all, to this lovely sound
See you some other day

/ IV / I / x3 / V //
I sing grandly
I sing alright
I sing…standly
That word’s not right!
Says the man who just rhymed
‘Alright’ with ‘right'
At least you don’t talk my ear off all night

Well, if you’re so fantastic, then you have a go.
All right then.

/ I / V / x2 / IV / I / V //
Words are an art form, don’t throw them about
Or one day they’ll come round, knock you on your snout
Is that so? Yes it is, it’s not just for show
Words, they can make you feel high or feel low

/ IV / I / x3 / V //
Feel high or feel low?
Yeah, give it a go!
Don’t want to be slow
We’ll to and we’ll fro
You know that we will be better together
We’ll craft a piece that will last through the weather

Done? Yep.

/ IV / I / V / I /
Oom-bup-bup oom-bup-bup etc.

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