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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Day 9 - Simple Pleasures (Peace)

Day Nine - and this one, I really like. I mean, a couple of the others have been fairly good, but this one I really like. The challenge today was the opposite of yesterday - so sad melody/music, happy lyrics. Read the lyrics below before you watch the video, because these are joyful lyrics - but the music makes it seem a lot more sad, and contemplative. I pretty much did the chord pattern, and wrote this song as I played. Like it when that happens. Lyrics below, video here:

Simple Pleasures (Peace)

V1: / vi iii / IV / x4
I watch the flowers
They bend and sway in the breeze
The soaring towers
Blown about by the wind through the trees

I watch the sunrise
The light filtering through the clouds
A sudden surprise
Jostling the crowds

C: / ii / IV / x2
The simple pleasures
They bring me life

I watch the waves break
Out on the beach, they’re rolling in
I feel the earth shake
Comes from the pound and the spin

C x2

I: / vi / IV / I / V iii / x4 / IV //

I watch the stars shine
Their beauty so clear from afar
I wish they were mine
Just so I’d know this (peace)

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