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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Day 24 - Call To Love

We're at Day Twenty Four! Today, the challenge was to write about something visceral - for those who don't know what visceral means, it means something basic and emotional, rather than high and intellectual. So I wrote about loneliness, and some of my struggles with that. I think that often when we're lonely, we can call out to love - or to what we think is love. And so that's what I've called the song. Hope you enjoy :) Lyrics below, video here:

Call To Love

V1: / vi / V / vi / iii / x2
Another lonely night
With nothing to cling to
Distraction only lasts so long
But I don’t turn to you

I lose my sight
Of what is right and true
So blinded by what’s now and what’s here
Which is no-one, I can’t see you

C: / IV / V / x3 / vi // IV / V / IV / V / IV / iii / IV /
And so many times
I’ve lost my way
The night has taken me
Away from you
But every time
That I have strayed
You’ve been with me
You stay true

I fall down
Just to try and feel something for a moment
But it can never fill me
Your love is all that makes me feel complete


B: / IV vi / V / IV / V /
Because you are love
Greater than any that we could create
Because you are love
Greater than my imagination can make
Because you are love
Greater than any that I can find here
Because you are love
And all other loves will one day disappear


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