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Monday, 4 January 2016

Day 26 - More Beautiful

Day Twenty Six! Getting so close to the end. Today, was a dance song. I may have been looking forward to this. And if I'm writing a dance song, it's not going to be a doof-doof-doof dance club number. No. We're talking about 3/4, partner dancing, slow dancing. I also took a bit of inspiration from this old quote that a friend of mine loved: "Those who say sunshine brings happiness have never danced in the rain." For the record, the 'more beautiful' that I refer to is love itself. Though people are also more beautiful than the world; we were created last, as the pinnacle of creation. So that's true as well. But not what I was referring to. I've also kinda figured out the F chord on guitar, so that features prominently! Though my guitar has quite a wide neck, which means that I just don't play the bottom string - because it's left as an E, and that semi-tone difference is not nice in the bass. Works fine up the top, though. Anyway, hope you enjoy! Lyrics below, video here:

More Beautiful

V1: / IV // I // x4
We sway in the breeze
We sway among the trees
The rain patters a rhythm on the ground
It just adds to the beauty that is all around

We dance in the cool of the night
We dance by the starlight
The full moon shines down over us
Illuminating your lovely face

C: / IV // I / V / x2 / IV //
And while we’re here
Nothing can take this away
And while we’re here
The world fades away
To show something
More beautiful

We move together as one
We move as if our cares were none
The wind joins in the dance gently
Slowly teasing us and bringing laughter to this night


B: / IV // V // vi // V // IV //
How could we ever
Want more than this
How did we ever
Manage to miss
This beauty, this treasure,
This dance, this pleasure,
This love


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