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Monday, 11 January 2016

Day 30 - Begin Again

And finally! We're at Day Thirty! Phew. Nearly didn't make it. This last one is about writing and writer's block; I thought this an apt name for such a song. And on piano! Rather happy that I managed to squeeze another one of those in there. Quite happy with how this song turned out. Got a nice suspended chord happening in the right, with a moving bass. One of my fun things I like to try with piano. Hope you enjoy! Lyrics below, video here:

Begin Again

V1: / F / F/G5 / F/D5 / F/Bb5 / x2
Slowly, words are starting to come together
Bit by bit
Beginning to form together on the page
But I can’t quite get it

Attempting to simplify thoughts into words
And sentences
Then trying to make it all rhyme
That’s crazy talk

PC: / C / F/D5 F/Bb5 /
But I’ll just keep writing
And I’ll keep on trying

C: / F / F/C5 / F/D5 / F/Bb5 / x2
To write a song
That’s not too long
And draws you in
To try and say
It any way
Before it all begins

Maybe try to tell a nice story that I know
With imagery
Or just make something up that sounds nice
That you’ll believe


B: / F/D5 F/C5 / F/Bb5 / x4
Maybe you’ll remember
Something about this song
Maybe it’ll get you through
The night so long

So I’ll…C x2

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