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Monday, 25 January 2016

On Going Away.

It's ten past six in the evening here in Mumbai. The sun is starting to set, and there are bits of colour and light starting to play on the glass and metal of the skyscrapers across from me. I still can't get over how familiar it all feels. It's a lot more crowded and busy than I'm used to - but we are spending all our time in the city. I've always preferred the country myself, but there you go. And now I'm in a city with a population that rivals that of Australia! It just keeps going. 

When you go to another country, you might think that you'll miss the little things - little luxuries and such. For here, things like hot showers, clean water, and easily communicating with people are not given. Neither is silence! Good luck finding that anywhere here. I've also found it strange how hard it is to get a decent keyboard pedal. So many places just don't have them at all. (This is why I prefer pianos.)

What you actually miss most, though, is your family and your friends. The people that you leave behind. And even though you know you'll see them again soon, and your time here is limited and you should enjoy it while you can - you still find yourself wishing you were back home with them. Even with everything that's happening here. You know that you're here for a reason, and a purpose - but you miss people. You really do. 

I suppose it's also something I'm reflecting on because when I get back home, I'm moving out. And, if I can help it, hopefully I'll be able to make it permanent. One thing at a time, though. But I know how much I'm going to miss seeing my family. I'm not moving that far away, and I'll still see them round. But it won't quite be the same. 

Eleven days can't pass fast enough. 

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