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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Patriam Semper

Also, this is the "national anthem", if you like, of the land of Patriam, which is the land that Septimus takes place in. 'Semper' means forever, so the title would be "Patriam Forever". Though I will note that 'patriam' actually just means country. So it's "Country Forever", I guess. Oh well. It's less a song, more spoken word. It has a strict tempo and rhythm to it, so imagine a drum beating in the background while each septimus says their section. Then they all say the last line together.

Patriam Semper
White are the peaks where the wise monks live;
White are the flowers that they give.
White are their robes,
White is their hair;
White is the colour of Seneca fair.
Orange is the clay that the builders mould;
Orange are the bricks and stones they hold.
Orange are the cliffs,
Orange is their due.
Orange is the colour of Ennius true.
Grey is the fog where the soldiers dwell;
Grey are the metals they dig and sell.
Grey is the storm,
Grey is their song.
Grey is the colour of Petronia strong.
Blue are the seas where the boatmen sail;
Blue are the skies under which they hail.
Blue are their eyes;
Blue is their meat.
Blue is the colour of Terentius fleet.
Red is the fire that the powdermen burn;
Red is the desert in which they turn.
Red are their hearts;
Red they do see.
Red is the colour of Ignatia free.
Green are the trees where the glassmen toil;
Green are the grasses on their fine-tuned soil.
Green are their crops;
Green they do build.
Green is the colour of Maximilianus skilled.
Purple is the silk of the trickster’s dress;
Purple is the heather which they possess.
Purple is their mark;
Purple is their sound.
Purple is the colour of Untalia proud.

Patriam, Patriam, the Septem Septimus unite! Patriam, Patriam, the Septem Septimus unite!

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