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Monday, 16 October 2017

Not One, But Three.

I don't know what I'm writing.
I just know that I need to write.
I need to write, so that my mind will focus on better things.
Better things than what are plaguing it now.
Writing is a better thing.
Because, though words can be used to harm, and to hurt, and to wound -
They can also be used to heal, to build, to grow.
They are powerful.
And in writing, we are (hopefully) choosing words carefully;
Choosing the words with the most power in the right places,
Carefully constructing phrases and sentences to deliver a message well.
It's like making a building with explosive bricks.
Or nuclear bricks.
That's a better analogy.
You can use nuclear energy to build a bomb....
Or to treat cancer.
It is not too dissimilar with words.
And so we have a weighty task.
But one I accept gladly.
For I know words well.
Words are my friends.
They are familiar in my hands, and they do not abandon me.
Words have a beauty, a depth, each one unique and different, sounding and feeling unique.
And so many layers!
They are typed or written; seen; and spoken.
And each brings a particular focus.
A word that is awkward or brobdingnagian to type may be rather enjoyable to speak or see;
A word that is interesting to look at may be rather tricky to fumble the tongue around.
And a word that rolls of the tongue wonderfully may not be anything particularly interesting to see.
But this is the beauty of the word;
That it is not in one,
But in three.

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