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Saturday, 28 October 2017

The Sky's The Limit! Or Is It?

This is a phrase that we use semi-regularly as a form of encouragement - the sky is the limit! It's supposed to mean that you can do anything, follow your dreams, that sort of thing. The origin of the phrase is thought to be around when aeroplanes started to be a thing, strangely enough. So in that reference, it makes sense.

But the thing is, this phrase is no longer true.

For decades now, we've been putting things beyond the sky, into space. And space - well, it probably has a limit. But we haven't been able to get there yet! And so saying that the sky is the limit is actually rather a limiting thing to say. It's an example of old thinking, thinking from nearly a century ago.

I'd even hesitate to say that space was the limit. I don't think that works. I think that we are unlimited. Not in every sense, of course. That's evident. But we are always able to do more than what we think or perceive. Our biggest limiter is always ourselves. Our self-imposed limitations and restrictions.

If we live thinking that the sky is the limit, then that's what we'll reach towards. But if we realise that we can reach beyond the sky - and, in fact, well beyond it - then perhaps we will be more daring. More adventurous. Live a more abundant life. And do something truly amazing.

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